Mu online (Midgard) guild.
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PostSubject: B>Xdrg+0+0+DD+REF   Mon Oct 12, 2009 1:23 am

IGN: DioWallach

Trade/Buy List:
T> Energy Fruit = Strg/Agi Fruit
B>DP+0 - 3+12+L
B>Drg Wings+0+0+L

Selling List:
drg pants+6+12 SOLD
drg pants+7+12+L
drg helm+7+12+L
drg gloves+6+12
drg armor+9+12 = c/o 3s
Scale Gloves+7+12
black Dragon Set+6+12
Great Dragon Boots+0+12
Great Dragon Helm+L

2 Dark Soul Gloves+L
Divine boots+0+12
Demonic Armor+4+L
Demonic boots+4+12 sold
Resurrection Staff+0+12
3 Book of Lagle+S
1 Book of Lagle+S+L Sold for 5 JoH

Wing of Curse+0+0=offer
Bill of Balrog+7+S
Xkite Shield+0+5+zen
Rune Blade+S
Dragon Soul Staff+0+12
Demonic Stick+0+12
Lord Scepter+S+L
Great Reign Crossbow+1+S
X Sword of Assasin+2
X Light Spear+lvl/20
2 Sword of Destruction+6+12+S =5s or offer

3 Scroll of Chaotic Diseiser
1 Crystal of Recovery
1 Multishot
3 Crystal of Destruction
1 Weakness Parchment
1 Lightning Parchment
2 Scroll of Inferno
3 Scrolls of Nova
4 Soul Barriers
1 Ice Storm
1 Decay
1 Wizard Enhance
2 Cometfall
1 Aqua Beam
1 Teleport Ally
2 Gigantic Storm
2 Death Stab
2 Ragefull Blow

6 Crest of Monarch
1 Dark Raven Spirit
Guardin Angel=7.5M sold
11 Bless+1 = 1s each
1 bless+3 = 3s
3 Life=3s each
5 JoH= 19s or offer
64 Chaos = 4M each or trade for bless SOLD OUT

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