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 Excellent Sphinx Set+DD

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PostSubject: Excellent Sphinx Set+DD   Tue Dec 01, 2009 2:29 am

Alright I'm selling a XSphinx Set +9+DD+REF I'll sell it to anybody WITHIN The Alliance for 150s And to anybody outside the Alliance for 170-180s

All of it is +9+Damage Decrease 4%+Reflect 5% One piece has +4 Additional Defense, While another piece has +12 Additional defense.

If anybody is interested mail me in game at FireWater, I can also work out deals for Legendary sets+9+x+dr So mail me ingame and lets see what we can work out.

*If By Request I will post Screen Shots of the whole Set*

**I'm Also looking for sphinx gloves+dr**
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Excellent Sphinx Set+DD
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